Writing samples

As you look through my work, you’ll notice three focus areas that are common across different industries and services. 

1) Credibility: everything I write is based on extensive research and fact-checked before submission. I’m a stickler for hard facts and will not cite dubious sources. Unless you’ve hired me to write fiction or satire. 

2) Creating value: anything published online should be of value to the reader, and not just written for the sake of generating traffic. This means when I write SEO articles, the relevant keywords are only incidental to the message of the piece. This gives your brand credibility (see above). You will also not be penalised for keyword stuffing. 

3) Readability: No one-sentence paragraphs, bad punctuation, or passive aggressive  language. I use Yoast SEO as guidance for readability but you be the judge. 


Meaningful holidays in Batam and Bintan

(Note: The travel booking website closed down. I’ve re-posted one article on my website.)


Different Types of Climbing Knots  

Technical help

Support pages for MightyCall, a VOIP service


Content Creation for Grey Orange, a robotics company


Asia360 : State of the media in Asia

Moneywatch: Guarded Optimism at the gates of Myanmar

CNBC: China “incredibly aggressive” in cyber theft: ex-CIA chief

CNBC: Three austerity stocks to ride out the slowdown: analysts

Tech In Asia: A Tale of Two Buildings: The Rise of Block 71 and the Decline of Block 67

Corporate Investigations

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