"Shihan has high standards when it comes to the written word. We engaged her to review our social media content and found her guidance extremely helpful. Best of all she's very pleasant to work with. We look forward to engaging her again!”
"Worked with Shihan on various research projects. She has a keen eye for detail and quick to spot inconsistencies in reports. Would recommend her for anyone who needs tight quality control in their work.”
"I hired Shihan to create a press kit because of her journalist background. She understands how the newsroom works, and how to capture the attention of busy reporters. Very meticulous and passionate about her work."
"Shihan is one of the most effective editors I have ever worked with. Will certainly recommend her to anyone who needs a second look at their work!"
"Worked with Shihan before on a destination marketing project. Sibeh tok gong!"
Tony Tan Betel Box Hostel
Tony Tan
Founder or Betel Box Hostel and Singapore tour guide