Your free content audit

Not sure if your website is up to par? Want to know if it’s time for a content update? 

Get your free content audit from 226 Media today.

I’ll look through your website and assess it based on six metrics:

  • Is a potential customer able to identify your value proposition clearly?
  • Is the content written with fluency or does it make you look cheap?
  • Do the images on the website reflect a brand of international standard?
  • Is the content on your website SEO-ready?
  • Is surfing your website a frustrating experience?
  • Is your website overall reflective of a trustworthy brand?

Your website will be given a score between 6 (it stinks) and 18 (full marks). But that’s not all – I’ll also give you some actionable steps on how to make the website work better for you. 

After all, why maintain a digital asset that isn’t generating any returns?

Note: This is not the same as a comprehensive content audit, which I recommend only for businesses that get most of their traffic from digital channels.

Troubleshoot your website today with a free content audit from 226 Media.
The report looks something like this.